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Wedding Precana Course

The Wedding Precana Course or Catholic Marriage Preparation Course is a short term course for girls and boys who are preparing or engaged to get married. It is usually a two to three days closed-ended classes, the exact period of which is a decision of the Vicar or concerned Biship of the Diocese. It can be joined before the marriage fixation or after it. But due to the restrictions in the validity of its certificate, usually this course is joined by the bride grooms together after the engagement or marriage fixation. The course explores the possibility of marriage, build strong foundations for life together, and teaches how to live happily as Christian couples. The courses are trusted by Catholic parishes and Dioceses around the World and so is at Kerala State too. Each couple receives an official "Certificate of Completion" upon attending the course. Valid Course Certificate is required for a couple to get a clean chit for marriage at a Parish.

Topics Covered Under PreCana Course

  • Spiritual Wedding Planning
  • Spirituality of Marriage
  • Acceptance of In-laws
  • Importance of Holy Mass and Family Prayer
  • Conflicts and Forgiveness
  • Medical classes for healthy Sex and Intimacy
  • Money in Family Life
  • Mutual Communication and Respect
  • Plans for Children and their care
  • Late marriages or Second marriages
  • Love marriages and Arranged marriages
  • Matrimony Canonical Laws / Wedding Rules

Wedding Rules

Matrimonial Glossary

Terms What does it mean?
Matrimony It is a formal and sacred term for marriage
Matrimonial In written or formal language, the word matrimonial is frequently used instead of the word Matrimony. Eg. Matrimonial Services, Matrimonial Websites...
Marriage Proposal It is an interest shown by a girl to a boy(or vice versa.) who are willing to get married
Matrimony Profile It is the bio-data of a girl or boy along with the details of their parents.
Profile ID Each regsitered member of a matrimony website is assigned with an unique identificaiton code which is used to pull the details of that member by another member.
Basic Search Search for matrimonial profiles that consists of age range, height range and location
Adanced Search Detailed filter options to dig into 1000s of matrimonail profiles
Photo Protection If a photo of a member is protected, it is not displayed to an interested member until he or she requests an access to see it.
Free Registration Only some of the details of the interested candidate is shown to such freely registered matrimony profiles
Paid Registration Paid regsitrants get complete access to any profile members

Online Matrimonial Site vs Marriage Middle-man

Who are Marriage Middle-men?

Marriage middle-men, otherwise called as Marriage brokers, existed in Kerala marriage match-making process from olden days till the begining of 20th century. Though its an outdated system, we see them here and there even in this new digital age. Some follow old system where they collect information about the candidate in hardcopies, either handwritten or printed, or some appear as hi-tech matrimonial matchmakers carring iPads or Android Tablets for showing the proposals. The privacy of the photos of brides and grooms thus become a responsibility of each such middle-man. The tideous task is that, a parent need to get in touch with multiple brokers and the proposal matching becomes too slow. Later, when marriages are fixed through them, it is seen that minor to major disputes outbreak in the name of matrimonial fee commissions which even used to affect the engaged marriage proposals. Following are the major differences between the servies given at Online Matrimony Sites and given by Marriage middle-mans.

Advantages of online matrimonial service over this old system of matchmaking:
Middle-men Service Online Matrimonial Service
Per Visit charges ranging from Rs.50 to Rs.1000 One time registration fee ranging from 1 month to 1 year or more
Profile selection limited to 1 to 10 1000s of porposals to match for
Proposal Photo and Profile details are updated infrequently or never done Any time profile and photo updation possible for registered members of matrimonial site
Selection limited to what the matchmaker provides or have in hand Basic profile search to advanced profile search facility is provided
Finding a mathmaker is difficult Online searching with keywords "matrimony sites" or "matrimonial websites" leads you to 100s of matrimony websites
Chances of disputes in the name of commission fee Absolutely no commissions when a marriage is fixed through matrimony site
Service limits to a small location range Online matrimony serivce available at nearby districts too

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