Amala Voice - Unique wedding that creates Heaven on Earth

Unique wedding that creates Heaven on Earth

“Let us rise early to go to the vineyards; let us see whether the vine has budded, whether the grape blossom has opened, and whether the pomegranates are in bloom; there I will give my love to you”


Abhay Deware an IRS officer and Priti Kumbhare decided to marry. They announced about their wedding plans to relatives and friends with the blessings of their parents. There were no expensive wedding arrangements or costumes….It was a simple function , but there were 5 special invitees – the  families of  farmers who had committed suicide. The couple distributed 5 lakh rupees to the children of these families for their studies.

Priyanka Bhadoria shared her thought to her bride groom: Instead of spending money on expensive cloths and ornaments she wished to buy and distribute 10000 saplings, 1000 jute bags and many other products manufactured by physically challenged people. There was no wedding reception, Instead couple visited all relatives and friends houses planted trees and gifted few items in jute bags.

Manoj Munot a Business man from Maharashtra decided to give the ultimate gift – Homes to 90 underprivileged families .Those homes were built using the money that Munot had originally planned on spending on his daughter’s marriage.

Now, why we too can’t think of “A UNIQUE WEDDING”?

If we could, then definitely the HEAVENLY MARRIAGES WILL ALSO HAPPEN ON EARTH.